There's a $2 million dollar face-lift coming for 34th St in Amarillo!  In the coming weeks, drivers will probably want to start thinking about a different route, or plan some extra time for commuting from Coulter to Soncy on 34th.  As well as 9th from Coulter to Amarillo Blvd and 58th from Georgia to Western.  All in all, we're looking at January of 2015 before everything is finished and life is back to "normal".

"34th street between Coulter and Soncy is getting a makeover; a two million dollar one, in fact. CIty council members voted on Tuesday for the contract that will completely rebuild southwest 34th street. They also have plans for 9th street between Coulter and Amarillo Blvd. and a 58th street project between Georgia and Washington that will be headed by TX DOT.

"The location, the logistics and all of that on the street will not change. It'll basically just be a new base, new subgrade and new driving surface," said project manager, Josh Fuller. "I know people are going to be inconvenienced. That's the nature of construction. That's the nature of working on something that's already in use and taking it out of service, especially on a busy side of town. Businesses are going to be impacted. But we will try to minimize that as much as possible in the next six months," said Fuller."

Who can think of a few other streets that probably need the love a little more?  I know I can!  How about Hillside between Coulter and Bell, where there's a gigantic crack in the street every 15 feet!  It's so bad, my iPod skips!


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