Okay official news is finally coming in about the girl that jumped from the Rockwell overpass today on I-27.

Randall County Sheriff's Department officials say it was not a 17 year old, but a 15 year old girl that jumped off the bridge at I-27 and Rockwell road. She hit the northbound lanes.  She was transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries by Life Star.  No vehicles hit her THANK GOD! Officials say that the oncoming traffic saw her, slowed down, and were able to miss her.

Original story below.


Sad news here, but if you were stuck in traffic on I-27 today around 5:00pm, the reason is because a 17 year old girl jumped off the bridge/overpass of Rockwell on I-27.

As of now, here's what I do know.  The person that witnessed it said she jumped off but is pretty sure she didn't get hit by any cars, as she didn't jump into oncoming traffic, but he's not certain about that.

The young woman was air lifted to the hospital and is alive, but in critical condition, and whether or not she will survive is uncertain at this point.

Here's the call I got from the wife of the man that witnessed the entire thing.


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