I don't know that I have been more excited about an opening. I am not even for sure why. I love taquitos that may be part of it. Oh, but since Ruby Tequila's closed I have not been able to get my favorite.

So forgive me if I overload your feed with updates. We were last told sometime in August. Towards the end of the month. We all know how those dates get pushed back.  So last we were told was August 20th.

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The date I might actually be able to get taquitos wrapped in flour tortillas.  The way I grew to love them at Ruby Tequilas on Georgia. Our server, Tim, always knew two beef and two shredded beef and I was a happy girl.

So here is the update from Roll Em Up Taquitos Facebook page:

Amarillo equipment and signage is scheduled to arrive 2nd week of August. We have hired a GM and they train in California next week. We start hiring 2nd week of August and training 3rd week of August. We are hoping to still open around the end of August.
So this is getting real. I am so excited. The food looks great. The queso ad guac to dip the taquitos in looks fabulous. We are ever so close.
credit: Roll Em Up Taquitos
credit: Roll Em Up Taquitos
So I really can't be the only one obsessing over this opening. Am I? I think I bleed salsa here in Amarillo. I feel this more than a lot of others in Amarillo.
Tell me I am wrong.

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