I gotta say Amarillo always bands together when it comes to helping their community out. Every charity/holiday drive that happens in the city always ends up a rousing success.

When we kicked off Help 4 The Holidays last year, we knew it was going to take a few days to establish it. By Thursday, we had donations rolling in.

As we got underway yesterday with year two, we were blown away at how quickly the donations began to come in. Within just a couple of hours after getting setup, we had our first donation of the year come in.

By comparison, it took us until roughly 3 pm last year to get that first donation. This year, we had it around 9 am.

The first day is always the toughest. It's a Monday, and we all know what Mondays are like. We wake up, go to work, then we just want to go home. However, by the end of the day yesterday, we had as many donations here after day one than we had after two days of the drive last year.

Phenomenal work Amarillo, thank you for giving it such a great start. Now, we hope we can keep the momentum rolling. Day two is underway from Mayco Plaza at 3424 Western St, and today we're hoping is a turning point nice and early in the drive.

I say that not only because so many in the city need our help this year, but because we have weather coming. According to our friend and partner John Harris at KAMR Local 4, we can expect a rain/snow mix on Wednesday and Thursday, and we could see some snow accumulation.

Thursday was a very big day for us last year, but the weather could deter that and set us behind in achieving our goal of obtaining everything on the lists for the non-profits we're working with.

The things on the master list (which you can find here) are so wide-ranging, that if you're asking yourself if we need something, I can almost assure you we do. Everything from toiletries to cleaning supplies to clothes to toys, we need it.

If you can find just a few extra minutes in your day today to stop by, it would mean the world to us. We hope to see you out here.

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