Today on "Behind The Mic with D.B. Nyce", D.B. talks about dogs and giving up  taking care of yourself after a certain age. It does not help that a cereal company pumps out some delicious cereals made for kids. Find out why people stop trying after this age. Then get ready, because you are going to want to go to the grocery store.

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Dogs Are Smarter Than You Think

Study shows that your dog is very tuned to your emotions and what you are thinking. They also know who is more likely to give them what they want. Have you ever noticed that your dog only begs the ones that pay the most attention to them. If you have a child or adult in the house that can not stand the dog, the dog is more likely not to bother them.

Credit: Post
Credit: Post

More Cookies Are Being Turned Into Cereals: Nutter Butter and Chips Ahoy Are Coming Soon

This past June, Post brought back Oreo O's cereal. This cereal was gone for 10 years! Now, they are going to add more cookie cereals to the line up with Nutter Butter and Chips Ahoy Cereals. Both hitting the shelf by the end of this month.