You may recall a curious incident last year wherein a local man was arrested for his YouTube videos.

To be more specific, he was arrested for offenses documented in over 20 videos that showed him to be engaged in street racing--at times in excess of 100mph.

Kevin Patrick Van Voris, 34, was arrested on March 31, 2022 and booked into Randall County jail on a charge of Deadly Conduct, a class A misdemeanor, for an offense dated October 3, 2020.

Several weeks later on April 15, he was booked into Randall County jail again on another charge of Deadly Conduct, this one for an offense dated November 8, 2021.

Van Voris is the owner of Contagion Athletics, an area gym that is known for its involvement with the community and seasonal events. As a result, the arrest of Van Voris stirred up some controversy. And it now seems that the established vlogger and business owner has now put out a YouTube video detailing the events that took place surrounding his arrests.

Telling His Side Of The Story

In a 35-minute long video, Van Voris outlines the events that took place on the day of his arrest.

In the opening segment, he assures viewers that his attorney has reviewed the video's content and that what he shares is the absolute truth.

He even includes clips of his own security camera footage of officers executing a search warrant of his home. It's an interesting watch to see the local businessman share his perspective.

All In All?

You can watch the video for yourself to decide what to think of the whole thing. I looked up Van Voris' charges in both Potter and Randall. He's been placed on a year of deferred adjudication probation for his deadly conduct charges in Randall county and paid his fines outright for the charges filed in Potter county.

I will say, however, that it really caught my attention when he mentioned that FBI agents were present for the execution of the search warrant. Those guys don't just come around for no reason.

But in any event, it looks like the man has gotten his business squared away and is looking forward to closing the book on this chapter of his life.

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