It is really easy to say that the kids in today's generation are a bunch of wusses.  As a parent, it is easy to spoil and baby them.  This video definitely proves that the kid's of today would never survive our childhood. 

Growing up we didn't have half of the things that kids do today.  My idea of a fun day was playing outside with the dirt, riding bikes, climbing trees and more outdoor activities.  My mom would tell us go play outside and we would get excited about it.

Another thing that this video made me realize was the way parents demanded that we respected all elders.  It wasn't my mom and me against my teacher but my mom and teacher against me.  She demanded that I have respect.

Growing up we would all hop in the back our my mom's truck and ride like that without being worried.  Oh the good old days.

But there are some really awesome things about today's society.  And I am glad that my son is living in an age that has so much more to offer.  I just hope that while he is growing up he loves to play outside, run around and get dirty.

If you were born in the 60's, 70's, or 80's you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.