Amarillo, TX. has been a busy place with police activity so far this year. There have been a couple of sting operations, and multiple arrests made regarding gang related activity.

Now, we've got a developing story that involves the SWAT team back in an area they seem to be in a lot.

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The APD Critical Incident Team, AKA SWAT, is currently in the 3600 block of Fleetwood where they are dealing with a barricaded suspect.

All we know at the moment is the area is currently closed to through traffic.

When we look at the history of SWAT when it comes to Fleetwood, we can find a lot of different things. In fact, a quick search pulled up something on this same exact block from a little over 10 years ago.

A man that was wanted in a shooting in Dimmitt was arrested by APD at 3600 Fleetwood after a three hour standoff with police. The suspect in that incident told police he was going to come out, then never did which triggered SWAT to come out and the standoff to ensue.

There have been a few other incidents in this particular area over time as well, including a bomb issue in and around the Fleetwood area.

As for this incident, we aren't sure what we're dealing with. It could be anything from someone just holing themselves up in a house, or we could be experiencing someone who is armed and dangerous. Either way, it's an area to avoid right now.

We will update this story as more info becomes available and keep you up to date.

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