The video is WILD.

We've got our fair share of Texas wildlife throughout East Texas. We've seen it all - snakes, wild hogs, aggressive deer (maybe?) - you get the point. They're out here. But a video showing how a dad transforms into full-blown super hero when his family is attacked by a bobcat has to take the cake for biggest WHOA moment of the week.

The entire encounter was caught on a Vivant home camera and it makes for a wild 46 seconds. At the beginning of the video, the dad has the attitude of Jim Carrey in The Truman Show; he says good morning to a passing neighbor and says he needs to wash his car, while carrying what looks to be a cup of coffee.

Then things get weird.

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A woman on the left side of the video looks to be carrying a pet carrier before you are able to hear a very clear scowling meow, for lack of better words. The woman then begins screaming as she holds the pet carrier up and tries to squeeze between the cars in the driveway.

Back to our hero dad - this moment ACTIVATED the hero within. He runs around his car and grabs the bobcat and holds it over his head. Incredible.

"It's a bobcat! Oh my God," he screams.

He then takes the bobcat by the throat and throws it across his front yard.

The passing neighbor then returns to his house and tries to help chase it off.

"Watch out!" he yells to his family. "I'm going to shoot that f**er!"

His calm morning turned into pure chaos, but our dad here was a full blown hero for his family that morning.

Step aside Bruce Banner; you have nothing on dad in protector mode.

Watch the video for yourself below:

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