A viral video on social media apparently shows a wife crashing her sister's job interview after discovering that her sister had been involved with her husband. The rest of Twitter is trying to make sense of the brazen attack that left the job interviewee injured on the floor.

Twitter via @59dallas
Twitter via @59dallas

With limited context provided on the video, all we have to go off of is the caption provided and what the attacker in the video shouts after pulling a woman out of an interview chair.


The video starts straight away with one woman, referred to as the "Wife" of this incident, launching into another woman, referred to as the "Sister", during what looks like a job interview.


The Wife pulls her Sister out of the chair and onto the ground, beginning to throw punches while shouting profanities.


The interviewer made an attempt to break-up the quarrel, which is when the Wife stood up to explain the fuss. It is tough to make out so you will have to listen for yourself, but it sounded like the Wife said, "It's my sister, she ruined my husband".

Whatever exactly was said seemed to be inconsequential at this point, as the Sister certainly was going to have a tougher time landing this job after a fight erupted in an office space.


Eventually, the Wife walked away leaving the Sister on the ground pretty beaten up.

Now, see the video in its entirety posted to Twitter by @59dallas below.

*** Warning - Language used in video is NSFW ***

Check out what the rest of Twitter had to say about the incident.

Some believed that violence is never the answer.

Others thought the response to such a situation was adequate.

While some said that it was impossible for this business to employ the Sister after what occurred.

Whatever the specifics of this situation may be, it is clear that the attacker had some major anger going on. If her own sister did in fact get involved with her husband, I could see why this reaction occurred. Either way, things like this can't happen in a place of business.

Hopefully this family can find a better way to resolve their issues, although I don't think there is much mending to be done for these two.

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