Quick Quack has been a staple in our community for many years. They are well known for their jingles, great service, and of course the Duck.

The saying is true. Not all heroes wear capes...If you have been on Facebook this week you have probably seen the video that was posted by Katie Taylor that went viral of the Quick Quack duck breaking it down on the streets of Amarillo.

Like when it comes to many of our heroes, The question we were all asking is WHO IS IN THE SUIT?

Local entrepreneur Ben Hilton shared the video and took credit for his great dance moves. While he does play the local hero in the duck costume your may recognize him from the Amarillo Community Market or around town selling coffee out of his VW Van.

Ben Hilton is the owner and operator of Bens Beans.

Serve home roasted coffee, create real experience, give back to the community.

Is his slogan and he truly lives that out. If you are a coffee person and love spending your dollars locally, Bens Beans is incredible in my opinion.

Learn more and Ben and Bens Beans on his Facebook page.

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