Yesterday, the City announced there would be two road improvement projects going. One is on Western, between 49th and 45th, and the other is on Hagy. I don't know about Hagy (it starts tomorrow), but watch out for that construction on Western.

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Lanes Closed

As of last night when I was driving down Western, there were only two lanes open between 49th and 45th. The southbound lanes were all that we travelers had to share. No turning lane. Forget about the northbound lanes.

The good news is that I only saw one wreck and it didn't look like anyone was hurt. It was interesting watching the firetruck navigate getting on to Western so the crew could get to the accident.

If You Thought You Hated Stoplights Before...

If you thought waiting at a stoplight was a pain before, wait until you get behind a whole line of people needing to turn left. With only the two lanes available for traffic heading north and south, that means you're going to have to wait your turn to go through the light.

Yesterday got really interesting as I caught a couple of red lights waiting on people who were waiting on through traffic so they could turn left.

I Feel Bad For The Businesses In The Work Zone

Sure this isn't going to last forever, but I can't imagine the headache of being a business owner having to deal with the construction. Yes, driveways are marked. Yes, you can get in and out.

Especially the out part.

Yesterday I watched as an SUV blocked off all traffic trying to navigate coming out of a parking lot. We all sat and stared...and waited. There wasn't much else we could do.

So I took a photo.....

Charlie Hardin
Charlie Hardin

Just Avoid The Area If At All Possible

If there is any way at all you can get where you need to go by taking another route, do it. You can thank me later. Save yourself some time. Skip the frustration.

Use Western, between 49th and 45th, again after the work is done.

If you have to travel through that area, drive with caution. Keep an eye out for your fellow drivers. Be nice and drive safe.

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