If you don't want to see too much of your neighbor on May 6th may we suggest staying inside or leaving town.

May 6th is World Naked Gardening Day.

The idea behind (see what I did there) this day is so you can pull weeds, plant flowers and harvest vegetables while getting some sun where it doesn't usually shine.

This is a great idea if your house is out in the middle of no where. Not such a great idea if you live downtown.

The good thing about this is that if you get dirt or mud on you, you can just hose off.

The idea was inspired by many other naked theme events. Such as World Naked Bike Rides.

No one organization owns World Naked Gardening Day. The event started in September 10th, 2005. In 2007, the event day was moved to the first Saturday in May where it still happens today.

So make sure you talk to you neighbor to make sure you know if you need to take the family out of town on May 6th.

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