Sausage PartySeth Rogen's phallic-anthropomorphic hot dog movie, opens in theaters Friday (August 12). And to promote the adult-friendly R-rated animated comedy, the actor and producer took to the New York City streets aisles to (literally) scare up some potential viewers.

Setting up realistic-looking animatronic food items—including a foul-mouthed cantaloupe, a loaf of bread and a grumpy, gigantic smoked sausage—around an unnamed supermarket, Rogen pranked shoppers by speaking into a microphone behind-the-scenes to interact with people who were grocery shopping.

Like something out of a deranged Jim Henson fever dream, some of the food characters in the prank berated shoppers ("Hey! What the f---? You just grabbed my face!") while others posed more, uh, morally-challenging questions ("Are you here to eat my friends and family??").

A few customers, however, bit back—even literally, with one man screaming, "This is ya mutha!" while tearing into a baguette in front of Rogen's horrified, gruffly-voiced bread loaf.

How appetizing.

Watch the twisted promo below—and remember to watch what you eat:

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