Most of the year has been dry, but like that rain has came these past few days. So most of us reading this won't be seeing people and businesses water their grass. The water wise of Amarillo team have ways to keep your water bill down.

Learn how to conserve water and maintain an attractive property by attending any one of these informative free programs. For more information call 378-6028.

As of yesterday August 14, 2017 the city has a total Consumption of water:
39.90 million gallons! The more we use the less we will have, even with the Ogallala Aquifer the water bill could go up.

Also if you see or hear of Water Wasters Call: 378-6824
or you can send an email to

Help cut this down so we all can save money. Might not look like a big deal now , but one day it could. Food for thought.


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