Are you looking for a new love for the new year? Here are some things that can help.

Add more details and pictures. You are trying to tell other people that you are fun and exciting. If you don't come off as someone who makes a date fun, then no one will swipe right. So spruce it up! Find your best vacation picture. Don't be afraid to tell people that you like to do crazy things like jump out of planes. But leave out that you collect stamps. That may be something you bring up on the second or third date or maybe after the wedding.

Don't hide your face too much. People don't swipe right if they can't see your face. Lose the sunglasses and let people see that smile. Also, lose the hat. 12% of people swipe left because someone is wearing a hat. Maybe it's because they want to see if you have hair or not.

List your school in your profile. People love to discuss what school they went to. If your match happened to go to the same school, it helps that you can talk about a class or professor you both might of had.

Do not give up if you do not get a message back right away. Ok, you don't want to send 5 to 10 messages after the first message you send. But, it doesnt hurt to send up a follow up message a couple hours after the first message you send. You have 50% chance of getting a message back if you send a second message. Just don't go nuts.

Did we forget one? Tell us in the comments section below. Let us know if these tips help.



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