Emojis are so 2011...

Many people say we are losing the art of communication thanks to technology. If you ask me, I think it is getting better! Or at least more entertaining.

We have seen many trends come along over the last few years. From emoticons, emojis, bitmojis, and now, the king of all online responses...GIFs!

I think it is safe to say that at least 8 out of 10 times I respond to all my emails, text, Facebook messages, and others with a GIF.

There truly is a GIF for every occasion.

Even for the 806! We found the best Amarillo related GIFs of all time.


1. This one is almost unrecognizable, not because of the age but because there is no construction on that road. 









2. Of course, someone devouring the 72 oz steak at the Big Texan had to make the list.









3.  Nothing says Amarillo like shaking it by the legs and feet on i27











4. Sometimes this is the only reasonable reaction to Amarillo's crazy weather.








5. And of course, the obligatory dancing cowboy for good measure.








Drop your favorite GIF in the comments below!

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