Well the world sits in excitement about the leaked footage of Britney Spears' new Criminal video, yet for some reason I didn't see PopCrush mentioning this.  Which in my opinion is bigger news then the surfacing footage of the Criminal video.  Because Britney's crotch, that's real/BIG news! 

She was in London over the weekend, and at one point when she was getting out of a car, she revealed the nether regions just like she did 5 years ago.  The difference is, this time she had it covered by pink panties, and last time "it" was fully exposed. Also this time she looked like she was dressed to be an elf at a Santa Clause photo booth or something.

She is a criminal, because she's stealing my heart all over again.  The new video, pssshhht that's not news!  These pictures, they are the REAL news!


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