It's that time of year again. Halloween is right around the corner, and that means that are plenty of thrills to be had. Here are the haunted houses that are open for the Halloween season in Amarillo.

Amarillo Scaregrounds

Scaregrounds is a staple of the area around Halloween. Scaregrounds hails itself as the area's largest and longest running haunt. You can get the full history at their website by following this link.

Last weekend, they had their sneak peek. This weekend kicks off the regular season with specials every week.

The attractions, according to their website, include:

  • Terror
  • Insanitarium
  • The Basement
  • B Trail
  • Xcape Room Village
  • Axe Slinger Society

Follow this link for more info.

The Institute

The Institute is located between Amarillo and Canyon. If you're familiar with All The Rage, you'll know exactly where to look.

One of the more interesting options available for haunted-housing this year is the Boo's Cruise. The Boo's Cruise will bus you to Scaregrounds and Institute, and is BYOB. Here's a link to all of the details.

Johnson Street Freakshow

This is a new one this year on SE 10th. There's little in the way of info out there, so I guess "enter if you dare." They do have a neat catchphrase, though.

"Entering is easy. Leaving may prove more difficult."

Here's a link to their Facebook page for more info.

6th Street Massacre

6th Street Massacre is another staple of the area this time of year. One of the most interesting aspects of 6SM is that it's inside a building that is supposedly haunted. It is so supposedly haunted that it has been featured in numerous investigations and on A&E's My Ghost Story.

So when you go, you may get a little extra bang for your buck.

Here's the link to their website for more info.


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