We have been arguing about this all day!  What do you call the end pieces of a loaf of bread?  The debate is real!

I love me some bread!  I think that is my favorite part of a meal.  But when we are running out of bread, two pieces are always left behind-the ends.  But what are they called.  I always thought they were just called end pieces, but I found out today that they have so many different names.

We were discussing it in the studio and then the discussion spread around the office.  So many different names for the most hated part of the loaf.  Here is what some of our co-workers call it.

  • The Heel
  • The End Pieces
  • The Butt
  • Garbage
  • The Devil's Elbow
  • Duck Food
  • The Last Piece of Food On Earth
  • Crust
  • Nose
  • Go Away Nobody Wants You
  • And There Is No Word

Whatever you call it, it doesn't really matter.  The fact is that most people don't eat it anyway.  I like to use these pieces for a nice buttery grilled cheese sandwich.

What do you call this piece?

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