It is time for your weekly grocery shopping trip. You go with list in hand. You think you are ready to adhere to it. You are probably doomed. Just a little.

If you do get out of there and you have spent more than you wanted guess what? It is not totally all of your fault.

Grocer stores know what they are doing and they have ways to trick us just a bit.

One thing a lot of stores do not that they didn't use to do is hand out free samples. A lot of them do it now. Their goal is to make you a bit more likely to buy something you normally wouldn't buy. Have you noticed that most of those foods are fatty, salty foods that taste good? Like I said they know what they are doing.

Have you also noticed that when you go shopping and go down an aisle to get your food; the expensive brands are at eye level. Their thinking is if something is front and center you may be more likely to purchase it. The trick here is to look up, down and all around and you might save a few dollars.

Another trick happens when you first walk in. Look at those shopping carts. They tend to be pretty good sized. This way you are thinking that you are not buying all that much. So we tend to keep adding and adding.This is where a list and discipline plays a part.

Do you tend to notice those 10 for $10 sales? They seem like a good idea. So you buy ten items. That is what they want. Well people just assume they NEED to buy ten of something to get the deal. You do not! You can buy just one or two and still get the deal.

Have you also noticed that the essential items you need are in the back of the store? The bread, milk cheese and eggs are all back there. The hopes there is that you will find a lot of other needs by the time you get all the way to the back of the store. Oh and it works.

So with keeping these tips in mind you could get out of the store without spending a fortune. You just have to know what you are doing!

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