Last night I was driving around running errands and was certainly hit with the holiday spirit.  Especially when I saw a bunch of Christmas lights already up.  I think it is way too early to put up decorations, but when is the appropriate time to decorate?

Although the holidays are pretty much here, I haven't been in the spirit until last night.  First off it was really cold; secondly I could smell fireplaces going; and thirdly I saw Christmas decorations all over Amarillo.  Yes, Christmas decorations and Thanksgiving hasn't even hit yet.  Amarillo is gearing up for Christmas at full speed.

It seems that every year Christmas decorations go on sale earlier and earlier.  And apparently people are beginning to put them up earlier and earlier.  This made me think, though, is it really earlier or am I just now realizing it?

Growing up my mom never put up a tree until two weeks before Christmas.  But she made sure that we knew Christmas wasn't about the tree or even the presents.  My Grandma, however, put her tree up either Thanksgiving night or the next day.

As an adult with my own family, I usually wait until the first week of December to put up my decorations.  But when is the correct time?  I know that everyone has a right to put them up whenever they want to, I'm just curious about when is too early to start putting up Christmas decorations?  When do you and your family start decorating?

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