I was just talking to a listener, Frank Jurado, about superstitions on Friday the 13th and it got me thinking about what all is worried about on a local basis, just in Amarillo, TX.  Frank was telling me that he is actually afraid to drive on Friday the 13th, which is completely understandable because it really does seem like the absolute worse of the worse drivers are out today!  I try to avoid black cats on Friday the 13th, which means I avoid my house because my cat is pitch black!  What do I do?  I go get my drink on!  Kill superstition with some whiskey!

But what superstitions do you most think about on the day of bad luck?

Superstitionsof.com has a good list that was produced on a national level that is all about Friday the 13th superstitions and some of the things on the list blow my mind, because I can't for the life of me figure out who in their right mind would have some of these superstitions.

For example, on Friday the 13th, it is believed that you should have freshly cleaned bed sheets and blanket.  Because if you sleep in your dirty spread, you'll have nightmares.

Or how about this one!

Do not pass a funeral procession on Friday the 13th because if you do, you will die the following day!


Who actually believes these superstitions!  Not playing the lottery, okay I get that, but avoiding funeral processions?  Really?

I know I said I avoid my cat, but that was a silly joke!  He slept with me this morning, I saw him on my lunch break, and I will see him again tonight and guess what, the Sun will rise for me again tomorrow barring some crazy accident or natural disaster.

After talking to Frank about his superstitions and then reading up on some absolutely asinine superstitions it just got my juices flowing and I have to ask you what your superstitions are on Friday the 13th.

Take the survey and tell me what you got!