Yet another moment where I'm left thinking 'What the Bleep!' 

It all went down last night.  I was watching TV when all of a sudden a commercial came on for an online dating service for married people.  Yeah!  You heard right an online dating service to help married people cheat on their spouse.

I was in complete shock. I had to rewind that commercial and re-watch it.  It was so odd.  It began with a lady at a blackboard writing something like 'my husband is a filthy cheater' over and over again.  Then an over voice came on saying something like isn't it time you did something too.  The lady then started making out with all these random people.

Just thinking about it makes me urk!!  I'm not stupid, I know that infidelity happens all the time, but to promote it in that way was so shocking.  Is this what the wonderful world wide web is bringing us?  I actually logged on to see if it was real, and yes you can enroll in an online dating service for married people.

Now I am in no position to judge anyone, so if this is your thing, have at it.  I was just left in shock that a site like this existed.  The commercial left me thinking, 'What the Bleep?!?'

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