Have you ever wondered why Amarillo police cars are black and white?

Sometimes my brain will randomly ask a question and I'm like where did that come from? Most of the time it has to do with colors or design. Like, why does red mean stop? Who decided it had to be red. What if purple meant to stop? That would be weird cause it's not a primary color. It goes downhill from there... anyway a similar question popped into my head the other day when I thought "Why are cop cars black and white?"

Here is what I found out!

PAINT: Back in the day, way before paint jobs, the police used solid black cars. Some departments added a white stripe to this to make it stand out, but it was ultimately thought to appear too much like other civilian cars.

VISIBILITY: Over the years many studies have been shown that the contrast between light and dark colors increase the visibility of the vehicle in both high and low lighting.

After a lot of research, this is by far my favorite answer on why cop cars are black and white.


Over the years the black and white color scheme has become a symbol of pride to law enforcement. The black and white represent the brotherhood within the force and the diversity of the community they serve and protect.

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