OH BOY! I heard Whataburger was being sold to an investment bank in Chicago and immediately thought about how the menu could possibly change. Bratwurst, sauerkraut and deep-dish pizza could be in the future. Here’s the skinny on the fat deal:


Chicago based BDT Capital Partners has agreed to acquire a majority stake in Whataburger.

The burger chain will remain headquartered in San Antonio, and the groups will begin exploring expansion plans.

Whataburger’s founders, the Dobson family, will keep a minority position in the company. President and CEO Preston Atkinson and board chairman Tom Dobson will keep their seats on the board but will retire from daily operations.


Both will turn to runingn Las Aguilas, an investment company launched by the Dobson family in 2011 that focuses on real estate and philanthropy.

The decision “is both exciting and bittersweet” for the family, Tom Dobson said.

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