No, president is not the answer.

Glassdoor, an anonymous job ratings website, recently ranked the 25 best jobs in America. What's number one, you may ask? Well, it's not doctor, lawyer, or astronaut. Might want to break the news gently to your kids.

The number one job in the country is "data scientist."

Now, if you're middle-aged and have been in the job market for several years, this might sound like a made-up job. Or, if you're a recent college graduate who is new in the job market, you might also think this sounds like a made-up job.

But apparently, these data scientists exist and they are making a median base salary of over $116,000 a year. *Data scientists high-five each other*

The rest of the list is a combination of jobs people have heard of - "electrical engineer" - and managerial positions. Basically, the point is that you have to work your way up the ladder if you want to have one of the best jobs in America. Unless, of course, you are lucky enough to become a data scientist.

Here is the full list:

  1. Data Scientist
  2. Tax Manager
  3. Solutions Architect (this one sounds made-up too)
  4. Engagement Manager
  5. Mobile Developer
  6. HR Manager
  7. Physician Assistant
  8. Product Manager
  9. Software Engineer
  10. Audit Manager
  11. Analytics Manager
  12. Software Development Manager
  13. Product Marketing Manager
  14. Marketing Manager
  15. QA Manager
  16. Finance Manager
  17. Business Development Manager
  18. UX Designer
  19. Strategy Manager
  20. Technical Account Manager
  21. Consultant
  22. Construction Superintendent
  23. Nurse Practitioner
  24. Electrical Engineer
  25. Software Architect

See the original article from Glassdoor here.

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