Some of us never stop believing. For those of us that do, what is the average age that a person in Texas stops believing in Santa at? House Method did a survey to find out.

According to their survey, the average age that Texans stop believing in Santa is at about 8 years old. That makes us pretty average on the Santa belief scale.

The national average is 8.4 years.

In some places, people are 9 - 10 years old before they stop believing. In other places, they don't even make it out of elementary school.

Here is a chart of how the data breaks down state-by-state:

House Method
House Method

They went on to see just how many people never believed at all. In Texas, about 4% of us never believed in Jolly Saint Nick.

Personally, I lasted until I was about 5 years old. Someone spilled the beans and I lost the magic at a very early age.

For more info on the survey and to see other holiday surveys they've done, be sure to check out House Method's website by following this link.