We are dreaming already of the mashed potatoes covered in gravy. We have pumpkin pie on the mind. That green bean casserole is calling our name. If you have the plans to travel for Thanksgiving this year there are good time and not so good times.

Are you travelling to Dallas like I have plans to do? Do you have family coming in from Pampa or even Hereford? There are good times to be on I-40 and I-27. Of course there are also bad times as well.

When Are The Best Times to Travel for Turkey?

If you are travelling somewhere to have this great meal the best time to travel is tonight after 9pm. Yeah, I know that is probably not the best for you if you are travelling many hours to your destination. It's especially not cool if you work all day.

All hope is not lost because Thursday before 11am should work for you too. The roads won't be the craziest at those times.

What About Best Times to Come Back Home?

Are you already thinking about making the great escape home with the family? If so then Friday before 11am should work nicely for you. Are you planning on staying a bit over the weekend? Maybe you are doing some shopping? The best times are to leave before noon either Saturday or Sunday.

You Don't Want to Be Travelling During These Times

If we want to help you with the best times to travel than we need to warn you on the worst times as well. Stay off the roads Wednesday between noon and 8pm. That is when many people will be making there move to their location. The traffic won't be the best.

I also wouldn't be trying to travel on Thanksgiving between noon and 3pm. People are trying to get to their later Turkey Day celebrations.

The Worst Times to Head Back Home

If you are making the return home on Friday you are best to avoid 1pm and 4pm as your travel times. If you wait later in the weekend avoid travelling on Saturday between 2pm and 7pm. Waiting until Sunday? You will want to avoid travelling between 1pm and 7pm.

Let's all have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving regardless of whether you are travelling or family members are. Just keep the gravy flowing and everything will be alright.

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