The Perseid Meteor Shower arrives next week, which brings a once in a lifetime chance to see an amazing display like a laser light show put on by the Universe.  Get a front row seat to a pretty cool event that you'll be able to witness with your eyes, yes even in Amarillo.

For best results, you definitely want to get away from the city lights.  Palo Duro Canyon is an amazing choice, as well as any lake.  If you don't feel like to far of a drive, a trip to the edge of town is short and will get you a way better view of the show.

"The Perseid meteor shower will be visible beginning Sunday and will peak Aug. 12 and 13, he said.

“The new moon in this coming week on Wednesday, so that makes the Perseid Meteor shower potentially very good, because there’s no moon in the sky,” Schneider said. “If you really want to see them, look at 3 a.m.”

Schneider advises the best way to view the meteor shower is at night, looking towards the east with a naked eye in a location that has little to no lights around."

As Comet Swift-Tuttle approaches the inner solar system, the Sun warms it and fragments break away.  We see them entering the Earth's atmosphere and vaporizing leaving a beautiful streak of light we know as the meteor.

I'm gonna get myself an eyeful of this!

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