A survey by PIXmania.com reveals that it now takes couples an average of 224 tweets, 163 text messages, 70 Facebook messages, 37 emails and 30 phone calls to fall in love. Read on for other findings.  People seem to have changed on some aspects of dating.

- 68% of people say the ‘three day rule’ to contact a date is obsolete and now communicate within four hours of a first date.

- 10% of couples still write love letters to each other.

- Courting process for people over 55: 78 days.

When it comes to courting with millennials, things speed up.

- Courting process for people under 25: 24 days.

However, things are different when it comes to breaking up.

Using social media makes things a lot less stressful when asking someone out on a date. It used to be that you would practice asking out someone you liked nervously in the mirror. Now with social media, you are not face to face so you're likely to be less nervous.

The same applies to breaking up.  36% of people say breaking up by phone call is okay.  But a whopping 40% say it's okay to break up via text or social media.

Nobody does things face to face anymore.

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