Texting has certainly added the dimension of the "secret whisper" to our online arsenal of means of communications. Let's face it, we've all sent text messages to friends or co-workers during an extremely boring meeting for comic relief.

We also do the same thing around friends and family when we don't want everyone in the room to be privy to what we are thinking. For the most part, texting is a good thing. Unless and until you come across that one individual that won't stop sending them.

Granted, you could just come right out and tell the person that you're tired of getting their texts but that can lead to bad blood or if they're psychotic enough spilled blood. None of us want that, so what's the best way to get someone to stop texting you?

It really comes down to hitting them where they will feel it the most. No, not the heart, the wallet. In this case, you're actually not costing the offending texter any real dollars but you certainly are going to make them think about each and every message they might be contemplating sending you.

Here's the message that you'll need to copy and paste as your reply.

SMS: SERVICE ERROR 305: Message delivery failed. Further messages will be charged to your account.

First, let me give credit where credit is due. This message hack was dreamed up by the comedy duo Tripp and Tyler back in 2015. The "service error" message is a total fabrication. It means nothing. However, to the unwanted texter the thought that every unwanted or unresponsive text they send will cost them money might just do the trick in getting them to stop.

Is it dishonest? Well, it's as honest as saying "I've got a bad signal and I need to hang up" when you don't. And it's the kind of untruth where nobody really gets hurt too. The texter doesn't know that you any longer care for their questions, jokes, cat pictures, and admissions of true love. All they know is that you have a pitiful cellphone plan that would allow for such charges. You reap the benefits of peace and quiet without confrontation.

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