There are several times of the year that we think we have to get out of town. We are winding down Spring Break and if you got out of town good for you. Summer vacations will be here before you know it. Oh and don't forget the holidays as well.

What Do You Do With Your Pets?

Do they get to go out of town with you? I never brought my dogs because they were just not good travelers. They get all anxious and used to yelp. I could not take them with me. Sometimes I would ask a friend to come over and take care of them.

My dogs acted better when they were at my house. There were a few times that I decided to have them go spend time at a doggy boarding place. That was when I had to teach them how to use a doggy door. They became experts right away.

Amarillo has several places that you can contact to board your furry friends. It is always important to book as soon as you know about an upcoming trip. Especially if you need boarding during the holidays. I mean there are several people looking for the same thing.

A lot of places fill up fast. So book your vacation. Book your travel. Book your hotel and then the next stop should be finding good care for the extended part of your family.

These Places Are Going to the Dogs

You may be heading out of town. Here are some places that you can leave your dog while you are away.

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