Just the other day I took a look at some of the fireworks shows here in the Amarillo area. A few of you hit me up afterwards asking about fireworks at home. There's plenty of us, myself included who like to pop a few in the backyard with the kids. So what are the options here in Amarillo?

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Let's start off with the first things first deal. Fireworks are basically gunpowder wrapped in cardboard or paper and can be dangerous and cause bodily harm, make sure you read all instructions and take the proper safety precautions when using them. But don't take my word for it. just ask Tampa Bay Buccaneer Linebacker Jason Pierre-Paul who had an incident with one he didn't get away quick enough from:

Okay. now that we got the safety stuff out of the way for the lawyers...

The City Of Amarillo has a ban on them

Yep. Unfortunately you can't use them in the Amarillo or Canyon City limits but there is no current ban in the county although most HOAs outside city jursidictions generally ban them as well. I've already seen a few fireworks stands pop up on some of the major roads going in and out of each of the cities. Speaking of roadside, don't think you can just pop them off on the side of the road. It's actually illegal and if you don't have the landowner's permission you can face some civil fines too. plus setting off a fire on the side of the road is generally frowned upon in just about every jurisdiction and let's face it for firefighters it's a night that keeps them on edge.

Despite the recent rains here in the golden spread the heat we've had is already starting to dry out vegetation. Make sure you have access to water or some form of extinguishing device and do keep an eye on those pets! fireworks are high stress for our four legged friends. . If you do happen to have a good safe spot that's within the letter of the law, enjoy and invite me over, I got the drinks and BBQ!

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