Maybe it's a good idea to keep certain high price items away from certain people in your home.

We have all done it. You are trying to make dinner or talk to someone one on the phone. So you give your little one your I-pad or phone so they can play their favorite game or watch a video on Netflix.

Things are OK until, Oops...they drop it on the hard floor. Now you have a cracked screen. This is a big pain if it's your cell phone. Now you have to make a choice. Do you spend money to get it fixed or do you walk around with a cracked screen?

There was story out of Shanghai where a two year old boy was playing with his mothers I-phone. The phone was locked and he kept entering the wrong password. His mother had to go to the Apple store to try to get it unlocked. They told her that because the wrong password was entered so many times, the phone was locked for 25 million minutes. So her options were to do a factory reset or wait 47 years for the phone to unlock itself. I guess she won't let her little one touch it again.

So has your little one messed up one of your high priced gadgets? What did you do about it? Tell us in the comment section below.


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