Decisions...Decisions... The Dallas Cowboys have been looking really good and are even #1 in their division. Can you give Dak Prescott the credit for the Cowboys having a 5-1 record?

The Cowboys have not looked this good since the mid 90's and they are doing it without Tony Romo. Romo was injured on the first game of the season and has been sitting on the bench every week, watching Prescott break records and help the Cowboys win games. But Tony Romo has been recovering and he might be ready to play on November 6th against the Cleveland Browns. This will be a BIG decision for Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys staff. My personal opinion is that I think Jones will make the dumb move by starting Tony Romo and benching Prescott, who has looked so good this year.

If Jerry & friends do start Tony Romo, get ready for a lot of upset fans. Most fans are so impressed by Prescott and think he's the reason the team has been winning. However, there are some fans that do want Tony to return as the Dallas Cowboys starter! Who do you think should be the Cowboys starter when Romo is 100% cleared to make his return?

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