And by trashy I don't mean, it looks like a dumpy ghetto, I mean whats up with the dumpsters being moved out of the alleys and into the streets in the Amarillo, TX Bivins area?  Did I not get the memo of the movement?  OUT OF THE ALLEYS AND INTO THE STREETS!  OUT OF THE ALLEYS AND INTO THE STREETS!

Well the official word is Atmos Energy is replacing gas main-lines in the alleys to replace all the old ones that are falling apart.  A direct result of this, is the dumpsters have been moved to the streets.  But rest assured it's only temporary.

News Channel 10 Reports

Amarillo, TX - It is becoming more common to see dumpsters lined up and down the streets of Amarillo's historic Bivins area.

It is part of a new Atmos energy project. Atmos is installing new gas mains in back alleys to take the place of old ones. As a result, Atmos is moving the trash dumpsters from the alleys it works on into nearby streets. Some may consider the dumpsters an eye sore, but the change is only temporary.

"They'll have a trench opened up in the alley and our trucks can't get down the alley and so our trucks will be collecting solid wastes from the front of the houses until they complete that work," City of Amarillo Assistant Director of Public Works, Van Hagas, said.

So the benefit will far exceed the downfall of the project.  There will be a little trash scattered in the streets for a few weeks until the gas lines are all replaced.

My suggestion, pay attention to the road and be very cautious!  I haven't got into many wrecks in my life, but I have smashed a dumpster that was on a street just like this.  It's definitely a safety concern, but again, thankfully, it wont be for long.

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