Seriously eyes up here Katy Perry!  She's not even trying to hide the fact that she's just committing an ocular assault on Rihanna's breast here.  I guess they were sitting next to each other at the Grammy Awards and thankfully, Rihanna is a naughty girl and welcomed Katy to drink it all in with her eyes.

And it seemed like these two may be thinking about "experimenting" if you know what I mean.  In this photo gallery on, you can see that they progressively got closer through the night.

It all starts with the Katy having a starring contest with Rihanna's cleavage, to what looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship or the starting scene of a lesbian porn with 2 really hot girls or maybe that's just what I dream it out to be.  Either way I am aroused.

Ah desires of the flesh.  Just give in Katy & Rihanna, it's okay if it feels good, giggiddy.

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