Will Smith is using his first new track in 13 years to confront relentless rumors that he and wife Jada Pinkett Smith are ultimately headed toward divorce.

In a new video uploaded to YouTube Wednesday (May 23), Smith, who started his career rapping under the Fresh Prince moniker, teased a new song called "To the Clique," which tackles everything from Halle Berry to President Barack Obama to the state of his family's connection.

"Stop the divorce rumors and mind your damn business,” he spits, addressing his wife and kids. “The real-life Incredibles, last name Smith. Jada, Jaden, Willow, Trey, y’all ain’t f------ with my clique.”

And Smith, whose last album dropped in 2005, adds in a supplementary interview that he creatively hit a wall 13 years ago. Now, finally, he's ready to get back in the game.

“At my peak, I was doing a television show, a movie, and an album every year,” he says. “It was like, churning out that kind of creativity.”

“What happens is you get to a point where you get empty,” he adds. “So I’m excited. I’m reenergized and I’m creating wildly like I used to. I’m ready. I got the beast back.”

And fans seem to be totally on board with Smith's new music.

"Welp y’all better watch out i think The Fresh Price is coming for necks....," one wrote in the video's comments section, while another noted: "This is dope! Your music was before my time but my Ol' man used to play when I was younger. You're killing it man."

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