I thought I was dreaming when I first saw this post on Facebook the other day. You know you have to make sure the story is true!

I did! It is!

I originally saw it on one of my friend's pages. I figured it must be true because she used to work there. I decided to do some more research. I finally reached out to Joshua Raef who owns the Chick-fil-A on Georgia Street. Dreams do come true!

All you have to do is go to the Chick-fil-A on Georgia Street tomorrow (Friday, May 25, 2018) and buy food and keep your receipt! Then you can return anytime between June 15-30, 2018, with your receipt and receive the exact same meal for free! No catch! Well just remember you still can't redeem on a Sunday!!!

All the details are in the picture below! Go in and have a delicious sandwich, salad, nuggets or whatever, and tell Joshua and all the staff "THANKS!"

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