Yeah that's right!  The winning continues with 96.9 KISS-FM and Pay Your BillsWIN CASHThen, you can be just like Kelly Martin of Amarillo, TX, and go out bragging about how you just got your bills paid by us!

What I really want to emphasize in this blog is, you really can win! 

I get some phone calls from people saying "why should I call some 1-877 phone number, I'm never going to win".

Well, to those, I just have to say, the proof is in the picture!

Meet Kelly Martin!  She lives here in Amarillo, TX and she listens to KISS-FM, and because she took the chance to call the contest hot-line when we aired the Pay Your Bills cue to call, she got through and won $1,000!

Remember, it's $1,000 twice each weekday (excluding Thanksgiving Day) all November!  Keep this phone number handy, you'll need it to win!  1-877-854-WINS(9467)

This is the BIGGEST Pay Your Bills cash giveaway we've ever participated in!

There's even more ways to win, how many bills could you pay off with $10,000?  Well, we got your chance to win it, as Pay Your Bills continues on KISS-FM!  On the 10k, you can sign up as many times as you want!  The more you enter, the better your chances are of winning!  So KISS KLUB members, go get signed up!

We'll help out with those pesky bills, just in time for the holidays :)


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