We are inching closer to the month of May and I will say that so far, 2021 has already had all the wild weather possible already. We have had rain, snow, wind, sunshine, and tornadoes. We have even had an earthquake in the area. Just another day in the Texas Panhandle, right?

I have always heard that you should wait until after Mother’s Day before you plant outdoors. It doesn’t matter how early it gets nice and spring like. This is the Texas Panhandle and that can change. We had some beautiful weather this spring but of course in the blink of an eye the forecast can be what we have in store for us tonight.

Yes, they are talking freezing temperatures and snow. Now if it does snow here in Amarillo the chances of it sticking is not that great but it can kill any outdoor plants. So cover them or bring them indoors.

According to the National Weather Service here in Amarillo:

A strong cold front will bring windy and much colder conditions to the Panhandles on Monday night along with a chance for wintry precipitation. Patchy to areas of light rain and/or drizzle are expected to turn to light snow across the north and a light wintry mix with very light freezing rain/drizzle and/or light snow/flurries possible further south. If precipitation occurs, it is expected to remain light with very limited accumulations of snow or ice expected (if any at all). The best chance for light accumulations of wintry precipitation will be in the northern Panhandles where a dusting of snow is possible. That all said, any freezing drizzle could lead to some slick roadways Tuesday morning, so stay tuned.

So, just another weather day here in Amarillo. Remember, we have been told to wait until after Mother's Day to plant outdoors for a reason.

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