Recently, rumors started going around that people posing as a religious group were actually engaged in human trafficking. Bad gas travels fast, so to speak.

WT's UPD addressed those rumors in a lengthy post on Facebook. They basically said that while the way these people were going about recruiting members may have been "unorthodox," nothing illegal was taking place.

They put it this way on Facebook:

There is no proof to substantiate any of these allegations or rumors in this situation.

You can see their entire post below, which includes some tips on staying safe.

Religious groups can be a little weird when they decide to canvas neighborhoods. I've been a part of one before, and have done these types of things in the "name of the Lord."

Now looking back, I wish I hadn't.

When they walk up to you, just say you're not interested and keep walking. Don't stop. Keep going. Be like Dory and just keep swimming.

Or do what I did recently to some well meaning Jehovah's Witnesses. Tell them you're busy, but come back on Monday.

Then move on Saturday.

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