See Danny, Sandy, Rizzo, Kenickie, and all your favorites again on the silver screen.

On June 16, 1978, Grease invited American moviegoers to a small singing and dancing town in southern California. There we experienced the simple fun, romance, the friendship that the 50's had to offer.

Most memorably, Grease kept America singing with their unique musical numbers. Grease would go on to be named "the most successful movie musical of all time". Songs like Summer Nights, Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee and Grease Lightning, still pop up on the soundtrack charts occasionally.

In honor of the films 40 anniversary and as apart of the Turner Classic Movie Series you can relive the magic of Grease on April  8th, 11th, and 14th, at both Cinemark Hollywood 16 and UA Star Theater in Amarillo.

As of right now, tickets are only available on Fandango. Both theaters expect this to be sold-out showings so grab your tickets fast! 

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