Bravo claims people are now using drones to catch their cheating partners.  Law specialist Peter Walzer tells the Bravo network: “One lady hired a private investigator to fly a drone over Central Park to spy on her cheating husband. The use of drones for spying may be more prevalent in fault states—although the number of states that consider marital infidelity as a factor in divorce cases is limited. Divorcing spouses may be more inclined to procure evidence of illegal behavior in the backyard of their ex's house. “Whether the person uses the drone or hires someone to operate it, they may be breaking state and federal law. In addition, they may subject themselves to restraining orders that have serious consequences.”

However, the FAA has put new rules in for using drones.  All drones must weigh less than 55 lbs, fly less than 100 mph, and go no further than 400 ft in the sky. You have to be able to see the drone when using it, the drone can only be used during the day (including dawn and dusk), and lastly, drones cannot be used to spy on strangers. So if your partner is cheating with someone, you can't spy on them with a drone when they are with their paramour.

You should just get on "Cheaters" TV show and do it the old fashioned way!

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