When you were a kid, didn't you always wish that you could grow wings and fly?

Well thanks to Radix Monkey Studios on YouTube, you can see Amarillo from a birds-eye view. The filmmakers sent a drone into the Amarillo skies to check out what our city looks like from above. This stunning video in beautiful HD captures images and surrounding areas. Fly high through downtown and soar over Palo Duro Canyon State Park and see everything in between.

"Radix shares in their description of the video:

"See Amarillo (and surrounding area) from view points unlike any other thanks to the use of helicopters, drones and camera booms. Often written off as a dusty cow town, Amarillo has many attractions close by that most people from other places are unaware of. This video highlights only a few. Meaning.... we will be back."
So, hopefully this will be one of many great videos of Amarillo for these guys. Enjoy!

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