I’ve always loved living in a high rise building. The views of the city and the lights at night are romantic and sophisticated. Amarillo will have a new destination for downtown dwelling in the thirty one story iconic FirstBank Southwest Bank Building soon. I’m well aware of the down falls of living in a high rise building. I lived on the 27th floor for five years in Hartford Connecticut, on the 46th floor in Atlanta. First walking the dog and getting in the elevator and meeting another dog, not fun. Another is if you have to really go to the restroom the ride up can be an eternity. Lugging groceries was also a task. Moving in wasn’t a joy either, there is only so much you can fit in an elevator.  But don’t let me dissuade you.


The Amarillo City Council is set to vote on this later this month. If approved, which is expected will be the first time the FirstBank Southwest Tower welcomes residential apartments. The City of Amarillo is backing the project, approving a tax rebate for the developer. There will be twelve to fifteen units on the tenth and eleventh floor, ranging from eight hundred to fifteen hundred square feet. The apartments are expected to lease from $1500 to $2300.

The 374 foot tall building has had many names in the past including SPS Tower, Bank One Center, Amarillo Tower and the Chase Tower most recently. The building was also home of Amarillo National Bank in the lobby. West Texas A&M University was also affixed to the building at one time as classes were offered there.

Interestingly enough the building has a twin. One Financial Plaza in Ft. Lauderdale, also 374 feet tall but with fewer stories at just 28 was built a year later than the FirstBank Southwest building.


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