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What were you doing at the age of thirteen years old? I know I was going to baseball games, swimming in swim meets and hanging out with my friends. I was spending most of my time in a couple mile radius from my home.

I was not getting ready to represent my city in a tournament. I also was not getting ready to head to Las Vegas for this tournament. Nope, not I. This is a different story for Jayden Breece of Amarillo. Jayden goes by 'Bubba J' and he already has a lot going on at that age of twelve.

He has been playing pool for most of his life and he is pretty darn good at it. I started playing at a young age, but unlike Bubba J, I am not good at it at all. We have a pool table here at the station and you will never catch me playing. It would be a lot more fun if I was good but I also know I would be better at it if I practiced. I would never get up to Bubba J's level.

He has been invited to play in an 8-Ball Pool Tournament in Vegas coming up at the end of July. His level of accomplishment is just great to see. Checking out his WEBSITE:

             Bubba J has been playing competively since 2013.

After winning 5 youth tournaments, Jayden was moved to the adult tournaments, he's won 8 of them.

4 tournaments he won undefeated, and in 9 he was top qualifier in some, and had to beat the top qualifier in some.



That is quite impressive, you must admit! With this upcoming 8-Ball Championship, he is registered in a group of 64 other youths who will compete against each other until 16 of the best are still standing! Oh, and those 16 winners will meet in Las Vegas again in September for a final "shoot" out (see what I did there?). The lucky winner (and my money is on Bubba J) will represent America in the World Finals.

We need to keep an eye on Bubba J next month and follow how well he represents Amarillo. This is a really cool thing to see and we wish him good luck!

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