Do you have O- blood?  If you do, did you know that you can save a life today.  The Coffee Memorial Blood Center needs you. 


They are in need of the O- negative blood type.  Due to high usage of this particular blood type, the center is low on O- blood.

Did you know that O- is the universal blood type, it's the type that can be given to anyone in an emergency.

The Coffee Memorial Blood Center will be open until 7pm today, so stop by the center at 7500 Wallace Blvd and give that pint of blood.   It takes about an hour from the time you walk in the door til you walk out.  Just think an hour of your time and one pint of blood can save another human being.

They will also be at Amarillo College today from 10:30am - 3pm, they will be located in front of the Ware Student Commons.  They will also be at WTAMU in the Alumni Banquet Hall from 11am - 6pm, so if you are in Canyon, make plans to stop on campus and donate.

Every donor will receive a Kids Inc Donor Days t-shirt and can donate in honor of their favorite school.  The school with the most donations by the end of February will win a great prize!


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