So last night I was talking to my friend DJ Echo (aka Johnny) and we had a discussion about Ziggy Hood, whom we both know and both support fully.  And it was a stroke of genius as we brainstormed and came up with an idea we need your help with!  We need your help to get a Ziggy Hood day here in Amarillo!  This is awesome!  The cool thing about Ziggy is that he recognizes the Rillo still!  I was on ESPN's website last night and he was on there shouting out to PD where he went to high school!  That is awesome!  Unlike other people who make it big and act like they aren't from here, he let's people know his home town and is very proud of it!  WE WANT A ZIGGY HOOD DAY HERE IN THE RILLO!  This is where we need your help!  We've contacted the mayor already and we need support!  Please leave a comment and say that you want a Ziggy Hood Day!  We'll take all these comments, print them out, and give them to the mayor!  She said if we could prove the support she CAN help us so please support!  Leave a comment and demand a Ziggy Hood Day!  Please & Thank you so much!